We are a management consulting boutique, with a focus in Strategy Development & Deployment, Business Transformation, Business Process Improvement, Operational Excellence and Change Management mainly in the Life Science & Health Care industries.

Your benefits

What really counts are the results you get. Our clients engage us in a number of ways — we help them solve business problems, increase visibility and help them thrive in a world where customers and employees have become increasingly empowered. Discover your obvious profits as well as the rather hidden ones when working with us. 


Our Model

 Our "Integrated Transformation Model" guides us and brings clarity as well as speed into our projects. We believe that our model can be useful for making sense of complex situations. Find out what it can do for you.


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Our People

We are highly respected for our professional experiences and our broad industries knowledge and we work at our clients’ offices to experience their challenges and build true partnerships, from shop floor to management. Meet our Transformational Strategists.


Our Strategists

Find out, why our approach is different

Meocon's principles

Systems over tools

Tools often mean very little apart from systems. So, why not start with the environment, the contexts, purpose and systems. From there we develop a tailored and focused approach. This avoids sub-optimal and (very often ruinous) management focus.

Compasses over maps

A map tells you where to go, but in a world of constant change, what if the continents shifted and you still found yourself using an old map? Instead, a compass helps to figure out where we are going even when the world around us is shifting.

Learning over education

“Education is what the system does. Learning is what employees do for themselves”. By highly engaging employees in the projects, starting in the initiation phase, as well as in the analysis and especially in the implementation phase, we believe that we can create an environment were all involved employees are inspired to learn and share learnings. 

Practice over theory

Theory has a place, but if it doesn’t work in practice, what is the point? So, practice is where we discover what does and doesn’t work. We often use "rapid prototyping" in order to learn as quickly as possible and to ensure early moments of success.

Focused over broad

One can attack all kinds of problems at the same time. Or else, we can find out the minimal effective dose necessary which will improve the overall success and so focusing efforts on the high leverage points. By focusing improvement activities on the constraints you will safe a lot of energy and unnecessary effort.

Pull over push

We pull competencies and resources from our network as needed. We don’t hold excessive resources but just seek them out, based on the needs of our clients.


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